Meet 1st Lieutenant Lorrin Lee, U.S. Army Officer
Lorrin Lee in the U.S. Army, ready for action!
Lorrin served his country during 1966 - 1970. He as drafted in Chicago, Illinois and sent to Basic Training in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He was trained as an Advanced Infantry Man with knowledge of many lethal weapons. He attended Officer Candidate School in Fort Lee, Virginia. There, he graduated as a Graves Registration Officer. He volunteered for Vietnam, but was assigned to active duty as a Quartermaster Officer for the 2nd Logistal Command in Okinawa.
As an First Lieutenant, he designed an innovative General's Conference room. He was also captain of the Championship Volleyball Team for his command. He enjoyed his brief military career exploring Okinawa, the orient, and India. Initially, he did not want to go into the war for fear of getting killed, like some of his buddies. But, while there, Lorrin decided to make the best of his time and now looks back on his military years as some of the best in his life. Through his rigid military training, he had learned discipline and leadership. He recommends that everyone serve at least 2 years for their country in the military or peace corps to become a better global citizen.
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