Lorrin's Organic Super Chunk Mix
Lorrin Lee Super Chunk Mix.
This is an easy to make organic raw food chunk mix. All you do is buy organic food bars and cut into chunks. This way, you can eat a small variety of bars in small chucks. This is great for snacks and/or desert. It is organic and mostly raw fruit. It satisfies your craving for a bit of sweetness and is super healthy for you. Of course, eat a few, not a lot at a time. To make my Super Chunk Mix, I use the following organic bars, that you can get at your health food store. I'll be adding more as I discover them for you.
  • Organic Food Bar
  • Organic Clif Bar
  • Organic Prana Bar
  • Larabar (Though not labeled organic, they are healthy and delicious.)
  • Other similar bars may be used, as desired or available.

  • Tip: Every time you eat a chunk, say to yourself: "I am nourishing my body with healthy organic fruits."
I usually make a few weeks' supply and keep in the refrigerator for freshness. Put some in a zip lock bag to take with you when you go for a walk, hike, travel, or ride in a car...it will help to keep you energized and satisfied. The chunk mix goes great with my Super Snack Mix for variety. Have fun making your own Super Chunk Mix.
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