Our Java Rice Birds are fun and a great joy to us

java rice birds
Our infant Java Rice Birds. 1 week old.
java rice birds
Growing Java Rice Birds. 4 weeks old.
java rice birds
Proud papa Lorrin with his pride and joy.
java rice birds
All group up and beautiful to fly on us.
We have 5 beautiful Java Rice birds. Nina and I raised them since Thanksgiving Day in 1995. They were found by Dan, our brother-in-law, in his yard. We hand-fed them when they were about a week old and with no feathers. The top photo is how they all looked when we got them. They are named after Dan, Didi, Kenny, Marc, and Wendy.
Every evening they are released to fly in our living area. They all have a nest made up of rolled newspapers, which are on both sides of our 27" Sony TV. While we watch videos, they love to nestle on our shoulders, head and hands — to join us in watching TV, too. They also like to eat from our dinner plates. Their favorite foods are cucumbers and corn. They are a complete joy to us!
Lorrin Lee Letter
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