Lorrin Lee Program Graduates Celebrate a Rich & Happy Life
Lorrin Lee Program Graduates.
Here is a 1978 photo of a class of graduates of the Lorrin Lee Program in Hawaii. You can see best-selling author, Robert Kiyosaki in the front row, second from the left. Many of Lorrin's graduates have benefited from this weekend program to live more fun lives. Lorrin is on the far right. Here are some testimonials...

  • "The Lorrin Lee Program put me in touch to realize that I am the source of all my prosperity" — Dr. Anna Chacko, MD.

  • "The program was an outstanding opportunity for me to experience prosperity, wealth, and a chance to gain exciting friends." — Dr. Willie Miyasaki, Dentist.

  • "The program to me was a fun, yet sophisticated approach to self-improvement." — Dr. Lambert McGrath, Dale Carnegie Manager

  • "I've always wanted wealth and prosperity andnow I know I can have it!" — Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur

  • "Since the program, I have achieved my dream of selling a million dollar policy." — Nelson Secretario, Insurance Agent

  • "Lorrin is FANTASTIC!" — Dr. Bob Gibson, Dentist

  • "After taking the program, I received a big 12% increase in salary." — Dieter Seeger, Manager, Hilton Hawaiian Village

  • "The program gave me the secret to joyous living. My income increased 300% so soon!" — Walter Fujumura, Owner of SAB Enterprises

  • "This is one of the most interesting and inspiring courses I have ever taken!" — Norman Akita, Real Estate Broker

  • "After taking the program, I gained greater confidence and ease in meeting and talking to prospects...and my sales improved substantially, as we as my sports achievements." — Clarence Young, Car Salesperson

  • "After the program, I was inspired to open up my own office." — Dr. Rand Pellegrino, Chiropractor

  • "Lorrin is the best educator I have ever had in my entire life! Wining 36 days after the program, I formed my own office." — Fred Uedoi, Real Estate Broker

  • "My prosperity and relationships is reflected in all the beautiful aspects of my life and I really got to experience that in the program." — Dr. Jim Keefe, MD

  • "Since the program, I was selected as the top representative for the Western Region." — Keith Watkins, Saxon Business Systems

  • "Now my goals, wants, needs are so clear and real...a dream come true for me!" — Jean Hinahara, Loan Processor

  • "I now realize that my priorities must be readjusted for me to live a richer and happier life." — Eddie Kobashigawa, CPA

  • "The program has assited me in clarifying my direction in life." — Dennis Masui, Realtor

  • "The program has helped me to be clearer on my goals and provided me the friendship of many fabulous people." — June Tsutsumi, Teacher
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