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Lorrin & Nina Lee on Mt Cook, New Zealand.

It's beautiful up here! Here we are on top of the famous Mt Cook Glacier in New Zealand. We arrived here on a scenic ride by private plane. We enjoyed walking all over in the snow. We felt like we were in heaven. No buildings to be seen. Wow, it was exciting! In addition, we later flew over an live active volcano. That was a breath-taking sight to behold.
After we settled on the ground, we took a bus to visit to Queenstown, where we rode a shotover jet boat. That was fun because it was a speed boat that could turn on a dime. New Zealand is definitely one of our favorite countries to visit because of its superb natural beauty. We saw lots of sheep everywhere. If you have not visited New Zealand, be sure to see this beautiful country.
Lorrin & Nina Lee, Adventure Lovers who enjoy seeing the world.