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Lorrin Lee PERSONALIZED Website Design for Internet Marketers

Are you an Internet Marketer?
If so, instead of a replicated company website like other distributors (who are actually competing with you) ...you can have your own PERSONALIZED website with YOUR picture and story. With your site, you can promote various business opportunities or a single business opportunity. Plus, add business tools your downline and other Internet Marketers need and can use (to help cover your expenses). Such as ad/lead programs, autoresponders, and affiliate opportunites — for multiple streams of income.
When you represent only ONE company, you are actually like a self-employed employee. (What will you do if and when it fails you? Keep in mind that "What is hot today may be cold tomorrow.") When you represent diversified companies, you are a business owner. Why promote a company site when you can promote your own business and site? Use your personalized site to BRAND your name. So, if a company you represent fails you, you can replace it with another company and still use the same website for your personal/business website. Your website stays with you for life. And, so does your email address. It is smart to have the same website and email address for your business. Your contacts will love this.
A replicated company site is just NOT good enough. This is because it does not distinguish you from other marketers with the same site. Why should prospects choose you over another person? Your personalized site will make you unique. It will help you build a relationship with your contacts. You won't just have a copycat website. They need a compelling reason to choose you as their sponsor. Your site can present who you are in the best light. Your way.
Your Domain Name website can be a ONE STOP place to direct all your visitors. It can contain your photo, background, and recommendations. It will keep you organized plus present you as a real person. Not, just a name. You are the owner of your own company. You get to choose which products and services you recommend. If you offer several products and services, people can choose which ones that best fit them. You don't choose for them. They choose for themselves. You become a solution provider.
I can help you get your DOMAIN NAME and design your PERSONALIZED site. Your Domain Name and Domain Email Address should BRAND your name. You are not really just selling a product or service. You are selling YOU — your reputation. Your business just happens to offer products and services you recommend.
We will work together by phone and email to create your online income website. I will ask you to email me all the links you want on your site. A good photo of you at your home office with your computer(s) or other appropriate photo. Email me all your links with a brief description. More info can be added later. A cover or presell page can be created for each product or service link, as desired. This will help to give you a higher listing in search engines. Plus, it should to increase your sales and recruiting efforts with compelling reasons for people to sign up. Ask me for more details on this.
StatCounter will provide free stats on how many visitors have seen your site. These valuable statistics will help you monitor your site daily. Recommended.
Google AdSense allows you to place Google Ads on your site free. (see Google Ads above and below). Each time a person clicks on your Google ad, whether they buy or not, Google will pay you a fee per click. Highly recommended if want another stream of income.
IMPORTANT! I highly recommend you read about the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing by my friend Anne Seig (who earns about 6-figures a month).
Want to get your Internet business going on the Fast Track? Sign up and join me in using the Renegade Network Marketer System. This system will guide you in building a lifetime passive online income with your PERSONALIZED site so you can enjoy Multiple Streams of Automated Income.
Why promote just ONE site at a time when you can promote ALL your sites on ONE site?
"Brand YOUR NAME with a Personalized Website."
Lorrin L. Lee • Chief Website Architect and Internet Marketer.
500 University Ave #2415 • Honolulu Hawaii 96826 USA
lorrin@lorrinlee.com • 808-949-5000 / 888-378-6634 / Skype: lorrinlee

Personalized Website Service
  1. Basic Website: $599.95 one-time fee. ($1.64 a day in 1 year.)
    100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
    1 – 5 pages. Includes 1 – 5 photos per page.
    Your site will be personally designed by Lorrin Lee.
    Design-on-the-Fly System by phone.
    StatCounter (for page statistics): Free.
    AdSense (earn income on each hit of Google Ads): Free.
    Automatic redirect to your homepage on URL errors.
    Each photo will be optimized for sharpness, color, and composition.
    Minor changes in content free for 6 months.
    Tell me what you want and I will create your DREAM website.
    See these Lorrin Lee Website Designs:

  2. Advanced Website: $1,000 – $60,000+
    6 - 300 pages. Includes 1 – 5 photos per page.

  3. Basic Plan A. Save $50.
    $549.95 for initial full payment. Save $50!

  4. Plan B. Easy Payment Plan
    $199.95 for set up. $49.95 monthly fee for 8 months.
    Visa/MasterCard, moneyorder, USA check or PayPal accepted.

  5. Integraserve Web Hosting Service
    This is required before your website can be designed.
    Allow 7 days for Domain Name and site set up. Then site design begins.
    Web host owner: Mark Jacobson. Everett, Washington USA.
    Select your Domain Name: yourfirstandlastname.com or .info, .net.
    Your Email Address: yourfirstname@yourdomain.com
    Unlimited subdomains. yourdomain.com/subdomain
    Live phone support by Mark to resolve issues fast.
    Mark is the web host of this site, so he knows what I want to do for you.
    He offers special low prices for my clients.
    Monthly Plan: Setup: $30. Domain: $15. $15/mo.
    2-year Plan: Setup: free. Domain: free. $175. (Save $230.)

  6. Optional Services
    Additional pages: $150 per page with up to 2 images.
    Additional photos / images per page : $30/image.
    Complex pages: $300 minimum/page.
    AdSense (earn income on each hit of Google Ads): $20/page.
    Audio Generator (add audio to your pages): $20/page.
    Video / YouTube: $50 minimum/video.
    Minor changes after completion: $2 per minute (ask for estimate).
    Website with Customized Editor: $1000 (Requires html skills.)
    Free Ad Site: $3000 (Requires html skills.) See freeadnow.com

  7. Want More Income Streams?
    Ask Lorrin about adding AdSense, Marketing Tools, Clickbank and Affiliate sites. Check Lorrin's Blog daily for more income ideas.

  8. $100 Bonus
    When others see your PERSONALIZED site, they will automatically want one, too. For each new client who mentions they were referred by you, you will be mailed a check for $100. Refer 6 and earn $600!
Your professional website is personally designed to fit your needs, not any company's needs. It is not made from a template like other free or cheap sites. I will work with you personally to make sure you get what you want. It will be unique as you are and want it to be. Your main site is designed primarily for you to promote ALL your marketing sites from ONE site. Tell me what you want your site to look like and I will create it for you. As an experienced Website Architect and Internet Marketer since 1996, I know how to design your site better than most company website designers in the world.
As your Website Architect, you may contact me anytime with your design and marketing questions. To get started, call me at 808-949-5000 to discuss your requirements. Prices may increase without notice, so once I receive your initial fee, your fee is locked in. I will begin designing your site after I receive your initial fee, primary information and your domain is set up by Mark Jacobson. The sooner I receive your site info, and I know how you want your site to look, the sooner it will be completed. Imagine, your site is yours for less than $1.64 a day in a year's time. It is your office online. You can have it the way you want. Why settle for less?
Note: If you prefer, you can create your own website.
THE BOTTOM LINE: You'll enjoy promoting your PERSONALIZED website than just another different company site each year. You will also be far more profitable and finally have a lifetime Internet income.

Refer a Lorrin Lee Website Design client and receive a $100 Bonus.