Welcome! This site is about how Lorrin and Nina Lee are living their lives. It is also about GOOD LUCK and having more fun. You can learn about places they have experienced without spending your money. Each video is unique and magical. The music selected is fun and exciting. They have traveled to more than 70 countries and aiming for 100. You'll love it. The more videos you view, the more you will want to travel and see the world. Have fun!
Lorrin Lee's Holland America Prinsendam Baltic and Iceland Cruise. And Russia.
Lorrin Lee's HARMONY of the SEAS Magical Adventure!
Lorrin Lee's Mandarin Oriental, THAILAND!
Lorrin Lee's La Paz Waterfall Gardens. COSTA RICA!
Lorrin Lee's Zhujaijaio Watertown in ANCIENT CHINA.
Lorrin Lee's Magical SINGAPORE Splendor!
Lorrin Lee's Adventure to BALI, MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE!
Lorrin Lee's Live FISH SPA Feet Cleaning in MALAYSIA!
Lorrin Lee's FEET ROWERS of VIETNAM. Fascinating!
Lorrin Lee's BAHAMAS with ocean horses.
Lorrin Lee's beautiful BARBADOS in the Caribbean with us.
Lorrin Lee's HAWAII LOA HIKE in the rain forest. Join us!
Lorrin Lee's unique visit to delightful DOMINICA.
Lorrin Lee's fun ARUBA with brash braying of DONKEYS.
Lorrin Lee's ST LUCIA visit to Nature's peaceful paradise.
Lorrin Lee's MARTINIQUE with gorgeous gardens.
Lorrin Lee's WAIKIKI from a boat.
Lorrin Lee's KOKO CRATER on this popular hike.
Lorrin Lee's CHRISTMAS in HAWAII ...we go SHOPPING at the Farmers' Market!
May your Life be filled with Love, Fun and Happiness!
Lorrin and Nina Lee
Honolulu, Hawaii. 808-949-5000. lorrin@lorrinlee.com