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1. Send Out Cards – to Build and Nurture Relationships
I use the Send Out Cards System. I enter info of my family, friends, business associates, customers, and top prospects. With the SOC System, I can store my best photos to use in Greeting Cards. I send Christmas Cards by Group and personal Birthday cards individually. All on automatic. Cards are far more effective than emails and ecards. Each card is personalized with my photo. Printed with my message in my handwriting font with my signature in colors I select. No other company in the world does this. It's impressive. People who receive my cards will remember me. And, probably keep my cards (perhaps for life). This is a great way to build any business — to show you care.

2. Instant Pay Sites for an INSTANT Home Business
This is a $10 a month program where you can earn $5 a month residual income per person. $5 x 1000 = $5000 a month. This business offers you your own Internet Marketing Store ...where you earn 100% PROFIT on each sale. Plus, you have access to ALL the information FREE in your store. That alone is worth it. My income continues to grow because it attracts a low budget entrepreneur who only wants to spend $10 a month...and can breakeven when only 2 others join. It's a money machine that can grow over the years for you.

3. $7 Secrets
Want to have a steady $7 deposited into your PayPal account? Read this report. Well written. Makes sense. Clever. Fully automated. Free website. Get paid $7 at a time into your PayPal account. 24/7. Worldwide. A daily cash flow machine. You only pay a one-time $7 fee and earn 100% profit for life. One person made over $3,000 in just 7 days. If you have a good list. Introduce them to this opportunity. The info is worth more than $7.

4. Tahitian Noni Juice
#1 noni juice company in the world. This juice along with GoChi is a favorite juice of mine. It has so many benefits for you. It's Preservative-Free, which is always good. Check it out.

Top Recommended Business Tools for... Leads. Autoresponders. Websites.
1. MLM Secrets
Read this Free Report to find out why successful MLMers don't use a Names List or make cold calls to build their business.

2. MLM Success
How to become a success in MLM the way top earners do. This is the system I use that is generating for me a lifetime income. Apply this system and have the time of your life while you help others succeed.

3. Lorrin's Master Resale Rights Store
This is my online store for Internet Marketers. Useful resources. Buy it. Then, sell it for 100% profit. Quality products. Automated income. Get paid 24/7 by Paypal. Add a link like this to your sites and watch the profits flow in.

4. Hot Daily Leads
If you want leads, here are several resources for you.

5. 50,000 Fresh Leads Monthly
These 50,000 leads are automatically loaded into a free autoresponder for you to send your message. I recommend you first introduce yourself. Then, develop a relationship. After this, you can show others what you have to offer.

6. Create Your Own Website
Easy steps to follow using thousands of templates. If you want to do it yourself, give this a try.